Saturday, February 21, 2009


I spent Friday with my close friend/neighbor/once-a-schoolmate/fellow brilliant bumz Fritzie.

A week before that, she gave me a Stone Spa gift certificate. We thought that the whole therapy will involve heated metamorphic rocks placed along your spine believed to relieve stress and eventually total rejuvenation. Fritzie suggested that it may involve boulder rocks having the script below --

Attendant: Utong sa mam. (Her carrying boulder rocks twice your size and maybe 10 times your weight).
You: O...kk... (and your innards are splattered and immortalized to the spa's columnar foundations).

So off we went still not leaving the thought of boulder rocks crushing us mercilessly. We presented our GCs and we're asked to sign a waiver which states -- "In case you will ultimately meet your demise within the premises of this establishment due to your own clumsiness, the management thereby will make use of your body juice as hilot-oil and all of what remains will be auctioned to the burger stalls nearby". We signed anyway.

They have two major changing quarters separating males/females or to my case he-who-believes-to-be-righfully-female. We were ushered to a warm and faintly-lit room.

We were told to select our own spot (the main platform is divided into five partitions). We chose our spot and the room started to warm up a lil more. This therapy will only ask someone to recline on the hot platform made of hot granite or stone slabs, sweat profusely and rehydrate every five minutes. A major break (given every-after 15 mins) is spent on the changing room where you are served with banaba tea with honey and calamansi allowing your body to cool down. The brochure explained that heating and abruptly cooling your body will allow detox, or the brochure may be wrong, but i indeed felt very well! After cooling down, we were asked to do our 2nd session, this time the room is not warm but hot! This made us nauseous (empty stomach is a no-no for this therapy) and asked the attendant not to continue the therapy anymore lest we'll turn into beef jerky. I took a shower, changed to my clothes and out we went like hungry vultures eyeing any flesh on brink of death.

I noticed that i felt so light inside, my skin is lighter and supple. I dont know what the feeling is. It may be rejuvenation and with that we're doing this at least once-a-month.


michelle said...

for some reason, the word supple keeps turning 'round and 'round in my head. perfect use of the letters p and

Nikka said...

hey i think chuck told me about this! is it the spa at the back of redemptorist? i remember having a GC for that. but i gave it away for EC 104...

Freakum Dress said...

hahah right mich!

yes nikka, i think its called queen of stone spa something? basta just across STC;)

Verna T.S. said...

when i read this post, the first thing went through my head was paula's chikka last saturday bout her being fritzie's bridesmaid and all. haha!

Anonymous said...

the spa treatment sounds really good paulie! :-)

an overdose of life said...

ipa-frame ang waiver... wagi. or mugna ba eto

an overdose of life said...

let me play the role of blog coscience: update! update!

an overdose of life said...

this blog is ABNORMAL... you have NO CBOX... have you not realized that? you need a CBOX!

so until then, let me post this pertinent shoutout here:
check out the THAI post in FB and respond with concrete thoughts on the comment stream :P