Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am surprised that i haven't added any new article for nearly 6 weeks! when you visit other blogs, you will see your blog's hyperlink screaming the line "7 weeks ago". Shame. So now I'm putting an end to that.

Since i learned recently that it's best for visual learners to have a clear thought on stories if bulleted, ergo --

1. My brother is now a proud father. It's weird that i feel obligated to do something to help him. I have work and im not spending for anything major, yet i feel like i don't know where all my earnings went or maybe because i'm not spending for anything major that i can't underscore/ highlight a lump sum of cash leaking out of my account? Dunno.

Now, I'm wondering how my dear brothers will survive and give a decent living to their own family. When I'm home, I know they're waiting for my word or any promise of a constant financial support. Now that's a dilemma. For one, I'm still learning the ropes of financial management which is extremely tedious 'coz I'm the easiest consumer to be swayed by anything that says "sale". I remembered how i barred myself from stepping into Maldita's store for a month after buying a festive-looking dress (tag still attached until now) and not wearing them for fear of being mistaken as German Moreno's lost ladyboy sister.

Anyway i figured something else to help them. I proposed that we'll buy a sow and milk her for all her worth until she'll wave the white flag after providing us 3 or 4 generations of her. I received nothing but silence. So I'll figure something else.

2. My aunt, who lives on the other side of the planet told me that my family needs to flee our house. She called me in the middle of my REM sleep, i helplessly reached for my buzzing phone and all that my mind can process is the word flashflood. I gained full consciousness and learned that they're all safe. She told me how my mom told her how our appliances were salvaged by no other than my super mom.

The following day, i felt that my aunt wants me to do something for them. If I'm Darna then sure. I'll plant my feet on the still floodwater and hurl myself up, amp my velocity and send back the water to where they're supposed to be at - sea. But i know that she wants to say something else and my brain's processing that, but I'm not ready yet. Period.

3. I am getting my Lenovo next month. It's funny how i go inside computer shops studying different specs with ample guidance and advise from fag hag par excellence Ms. Nikka hoe.

4. My current class is on nesting and I'm amazed with their performance. I'm like the mother goose watching my dear goslings apply what i taught them for three weeks. It warms my heart when someone closes a sale, approach me after and share what they just experienced. So cute!

See? this is concise and straightforward :)

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jeffy omolon said...

Mam, im welcoming myself to the blogosphere! a newbie.

I can now feel the pressure of constantly updating blogs (although no one is still pressuring me to do so since my articles are content-wise boring).

It just feels good to add some articles in your page.

It feels good to be an aunt mam. Trust me. Maspoiled jud nang imung pag-umangkon nimu.. hehehe

Let's get together one of these days.!!!