Sunday, December 7, 2008

the essence of doing this.

For a while, ive been staring at the blinking cursor thinking of what significant ranting this newly-found space deserves. it's been awhile since i lured myself into publicly declaring my thoughts and trajecting all of my emotions to the helpless reader.

Several reasons why i need to blog...
1. It's best to poke some neurons while paying for an hourly internet rate of 20 bucks an hour while hoaning my main agenda -- searching for lovelife. (LOL)
2. Brilliant bums are here. For the past months, i never knew what they're up to. We work on the same island, breathe the same filthy air yet we suck at managing our time in seeing each other.
3. Miscellanea. For some other reasons too petty :)

So i formally welcome myself on board wearing my freakum dress pumping no less than the tranny irony ;)

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Easter Bunny said...

finally you're blogging hehe linked you