Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bad boys place your bet...

"Who are you kidding? me?" This line would best work with a scoff channeled to the indolent kneeling down at your mercy. He would stare at you teary-eyed and teeth gnashing while recalling his prophesized victory go kaput.
You advanced yourself an inch close to where his shadow is casted and throw your cigarette at his general direction and off you go and him reduced to a bag of gray ash.

Ah! Revenge is always sweet! for this is how i really told my gay friend how to get even to a self-serving money-sucking dirty-feet boyfriend. To share a piece of that moment --

Paulie: So kamo pa sa imong bf?

Friend: Yeah, we're still together...(teary-eyed, with matching panghupaw)

Paulie: And what's that sigh mean?

Friend: Well, d ko sure kung kaya nako syang bulagan.

Paulie: Really? (i look empathetic but i just want to strangle him with a piece of nylon and leave him swaying like a pendulum on a neighboring acacia tree).

Friend: Yeah, it's really hard Paulie. I simply can't let go of him.

Paulie: Ok there are a lot of reasons why you simply can't let go, and if you may ill number there in basis of importance --

1. You wont find another better "bone"; since according to your description and statistically based from your random guy-experience, the guy's gifted.

2. He's the only person who has the guts to call you sweetie in a volume audible to the largest mammal.

3. You'll miss buying guy stuff -- new pair of running shoes, sweatpants, jersey's, etc.

4. You'll miss LBC Kwarta Padala, Western Union, and the list goes on.

5. You'll miss being needed.

6. And...

Friend: It's number 5, girl. Mao jud na mao jud na

(to be continued)


Anonymous said...

hala noh. cge, i'll follow this story. LOL

aka Procne said...

This is funny.. :D

Christopher said...

I love you idol! XD